Electronically Stored Information (ESI) Planning Calculator*  
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  (Calculation Table)
  Storage Unit Baseline Floppy Disk CD Baseline DVD Laptop Desktop Network  
  Storage Volume 1 MB 1.4 MB 640 MB 1 GB 4.7 GB 20 GB 40 GB 80 GB  
  Word Processing (# of Pages)  
  Email (# of Emails)  
  Email (# of Pages)  
  Banker Boxes  
  Print Costs  
    Dynamic View
  (Custom Calculation)
  Enter Storage Volume in MB              
  Storage Volume in GB     * General Planning Assumptions      
  Word Processing (# of Pages)     Word Processing Document = 3 Pages      
  Email (# of Emails)     Email Document = 3 Pages Per Email (Includes Attachements)    
  Email (# of Pages)     Banker Box = 2,500 Pages or 833 Documents / Box    
  Banker Boxes     Print Costs = .08 Cents / Page      
  Print Costs                
  Source: Arkfeld on Electronic Discovery and Evidence (3rd Edition)   Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License