IDC Publishes New MarketScape on Worldwide eDiscovery Services

Published in March 2017 by IDC Research, Inc., this new research by Sr. Research Analyst (eDiscovery and Information Governance) Angela Gelnaw provides an assessment of where the eDiscovery services market is going, how major eDiscovery service providers compare to each other, and what criteria are considered most important for companies to consider when evaluating and selecting a vendor.

In highlighting the research, Gelnaw noted, “Growth in the overall eDiscovery market is now being driven by eDiscovery services. As litigation becomes increasingly more global and complex and regulatory oversight tightens, these services are becoming integral to corporate legal and compliance strategies. It is critical in today’s marketplace that organizations have strong relationships with trusted partners that can help them prepare for and manage the eDiscovery process in a manner that is defensible, efficient, and cost-effective. This IDC MarketScape provides guidance for any organization that is looking for a strategic partner in the eDiscovery services market.”

Available for purchase from the IDC website for $15,000, the 18-page report consists of the following tables and figures:

  • Table: Key Strategy Measures for Success: Worldwide eDiscovery Service Vendors
  • Table: Measures for Success Worldwide eDiscovery Service Vendors
  • Figure: IDC MarketScape Worldwide Vendor Assessment

The report also provides summary profiles including strengths and challenges for the following nine eDiscovery service vendors:

Details on the new report can be found on the IDC website.

Source: Gelnaw, A. (2017). IDC MarketScape: Worldwide eDiscovery Services 2017 Vendor Assessment – US42255117. Retrieved from IDC Research, Inc. website:

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