An Educational Update: E-Discovery and Litigation Technology Certificate (UC San Diego)

E-Discovery and Litigation Technology Online Certificate

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Course Overview

UC San Diego Extension’s e-Discovery and Litigation Technology certificate is an online, interactive program designed to help legal professionals meet the evolving technical demands in the legal field. In as little as six months, you will learn all phases of electronic discovery, from working with clients to gather relevant records, to using advanced analytics to identify hot documents. You will also explore the principles of litigation readiness, legal project management, current legal software used in managing databases, and the use of technology to create streamlined and persuasive presentations at trial.

Certificate Benefits

  • Program can be completed in as short as six months
  • All courses are taught online for flexibility
  • Courses are taught by working legal professionals who are experts in the legal support and technology arena
  • Gain a practical hands-on approach to managing technology in the representation of the client on both litigation and transactional platforms
  • Specifically designed for legal professionals who are interested in learning cutting-edge legal technology and expanding their career opportunities.
  • Earn 40 hours of MCLE credit.

Who Should Attend?

The certificate is designed for legal professionals with litigation or equivalent experience who are interested in learning cutting-edge legal technology and expanding career opportunities.

Course Descriptions

  • Understanding E-Discovery and Litigation Technology (Law-40068 – 5.0 Units)

Understanding E-Discovery and Litigation Technology, the first of two cohorts in the E-Discovery Certificate, introduces litigators and litigation staff to the rules and technology associated with the dynamic legal area of eDiscovery. This course presents each stage of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) from Information Governance to Production of Documents, and provides opportunities to apply these stages to well-defined case scenarios. In addition, this course emphasizes the importance of records preservation and the necessary technical tools for relevance-based document review in preparation for a Meet and Confer with opposing counsel and records requests. Selecting an eDiscovery vendor and calculating project costs associated with all aspects of collection, processing, and production will be the final components of eDiscovery covered by this course. Successful completion of this cohort will prepare the student to the advanced application of E-discovery skills in the next cohort – Applying E-Discovery and Litigation Technology (LAW40069)

Estimated Cost: $1,500 (Available Online During Winter and Summer Quarters)

  • Applying E-Discovery and Litigation Technology (Law 40069 – 6.0 Units)

Applying E-Discovery and Litigation Technology, the second of two parts in the E-Discovery and Litigation Technology Certificate, delves deeper into applying technology to a client’s specific legal position and the ability to make persuasive trial presentations using trial graphics and data visualization, on behalf of the client.  Beginning with the necessity to scope the legal project in deciding on the best course of representation of the client, students are introduced to legal project management tools and strategies which necessitate understanding technology and the ability to identify data relevant to a client’s case.  Students will submit an effective legal presentation to the court based on a diverse and complex dataset from the client’s perspective. Successful completion of this course along with the first Understanding E-Discovery and Litigation Technology course (LAW40068), completes the specialized E-Discovery and Litigation Technology Certificate.

Estimated Cost: $1,500 (Available Online During Spring Quarter)

Course Advisors

  • Jeff Bennion – Law Offices of Jeff Bennion Esq.
  • Gordon Cruse – Gordon D. Cruse, APLC  Esq.
  • Eric Deitz – Wingert Grebing Esq.
  • Maureen Holland – d4 LLC
  • Kathy Konzen – DTI Esq.
  • Joseph Leventhal – The Leventhal Law Firm, APC Esq.
  • Daniel Libby – Digital Forensics CFC
  • Greg Mahoney, DTI
  • Alex Marjanovic – DTI
  • Christi McGowan – Beinert, Miller & Katzman
  • Freely Mickus – Wingert Grebing
  • Joy Murao – Paul Hastings LLP
  • Justine Phillips – Sheppard Mullin Esq.
  • Christopher Ramey – Thomas Jefferson School of Law Attorney at Ramey and Perry Esq.
  • Debbie Richardson – d4 LLC
  • Christine Stansall – Higgs Fletcher & Mack ACP

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