Edge Computing Could Push the Cloud to the Fringe

Extract from article by Ron Miller

Peter Levine, a general partner at venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, has an interesting working theory. He believes that cloud computing is soon going to take a back seat to edge computing — and we will very quickly see the majority of processing taking place at the device level.

As crazy as that sounds — and he fully recognizes that it does — Levine says it’s based on sound analysis of where he sees computing going — and he believes his job as an investor is to recognize where the industry is heading before it happens.

He theorizes that as devices like drones, autonomous cars and robots proliferate, they are going to require extremely rapid processing — so fast, in fact, that sending data up to the cloud and back to get an answer will simply be too slow.

When you consider that it’s taken the better part of a decade for most companies to warm to the idea of going to the cloud, Levine is saying that we are already about to supplant it and move onto the next paradigm.

That’s not to say that the cloud won’t continue to have a key place in the computing ecosystem. It will. But if Levine is right, its role is about to change fairly dramatically, where it will be processing data for machine learning purposes, acting as an adjunct to more immediate data processing needs.

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