Building Blocks for a Fifth Generation of eDiscovery Offerings

Extract from an article by Rob Robinson

Building Blocks for a Fifth Generation of eDiscovery Offerings

“My explorations of the technical world started with Legos, with which I was quite creative in constructing moving objects with the basic building blocks that were then available.” Wolfgang Ketterle

In addition to serving as a framework for data discovery and legal discovery, the Concise Framework for Discovery Automation1 also may begin to act as a starting point for the development of a fifth generation2 of eDiscovery offerings.


Table: Five Generations of eDiscovery

The characteristics of a fifth generation eDiscovery offering would be the adaptation of current data discovery offerings for use with offerings that were designed for eDiscovery, designed for eDiscovery task integration, and designed for eDiscovery task automation. The new characteristic of fifth generation eDiscovery offerings would be specifically how they were adapted to integrate and automate data discovery capabilities.

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