Key Strategies to Improve the Performance of E-Discovery Teams

Extract from report by Michael Caton of Aberdeen

More than 80% of organizations have adopted eDiscovery tools to help with legal matters. However, they have just adopted the technology basics for identifying and classifying documents and communications by hand. Companies need to look at advanced technologies for classifying documents if they want to improve their productivity and reduce costs.

Whether facing a legal matter, or trying to better understand the impact of business change on existing contracts, organizations still struggle with how to get the most from their eDiscovery technology. Based on results from Aberdeen’s research, the time and cost of eDiscovery processes continue to be issues for organizations. Furthermore, organizations have largely not yet adopted the latest eDiscovery technology. To help reduce costs and time spent in the discovery process, we recommend that organizations begin adopting the following technologies:

  • Technology-assisted review
  • Legal hold management solutions
  • Use of direct connectors to applications

This indicates organizations rely too heavily on people, resulting in the process taking too long, which increases costs.

Adopting these technologies will help groups drive down costs, be less reliant on IT for assistance, and enable them to be more consistent in marking documents and communication for further review.

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